Useful Sites For Students


  1. Stack Exchange. Here, you can share an opinion, write a review or get an answer to an urgent learning question. This community is a global questionnaire where you can get a detailed response on practically anything.
  2. OKEssays. This is a perfect custom essay writing service for essay ordering and paper editing. Flexible prices, helpful staff and a responsive team of managers will make the experience unforgettable. They will do your homework with lightning speed! They also feature applications for smartphones and provide help via e-mail. Numerous credentials and a great deal of clients speak for themselves. There is no better place to start your writing career as well if you are looking for a part-time job.
  3. Wolfram Alpha. If you need to make calculations or solve any math problem online, this is just what you need. However, this is going to cost you something.
  4. StudentRate. At StudentRate, one can learn a lot about all kinds of student deals. If you are searching for an outlet store, a nearby shopping center or cheap travel options, they can provide you with links, references and reviews.
  5. Todoist. Probably the best task-managing site. Clear design, cool apps, delivery across platforms, multifunctional features. It is highly customizable and a good alternative for whiteboards. It functions as a quick planner. You don’t have to use your phone as Todoist does it all.
  6. Google Calendar. This is the veteran. It is not very new, but still reliable. If you are a first-year student, we advise you the Calendar as the most accessible site. It literally fits any browser, has amazing apps and generally works like a clock.
  7. Dropbox. Compulsory for students who want to store large amounts of information and keep all their files backed. Their browser is getting better each year. Now you don’t have to download files. Instead, you are getting a preview.
  8. Lynda. If you are studying computer science, Lynda is your friend. It has gazillion courses focused on media production and computer systems. Easy, accessible and perfect for computer software learners.
  9. Mint. Spending money on nonsense? With Mint, you can set your financial plan and get access to your financial account. Money management, tracking and budgets are also available.
  10. Rate My Professors. We wouldn’t recommend you to take everything that’s written here for the final truth, but this site can help you to get a general impression of your teacher.
  11. Written Kitten. The writing help that’s probably the best in the area. Set the word limit and get a new kitten as a reward!
  12. Cheatography. We shouldn’t be telling you about the website, but we do. Cheatography boasts a collection of cheat sheets on literally everything. This can be helpful if you are preparing for an exam or doing your homework.