Time to‘Tame’ Academic Essays

Writing academic essays can be quite a maddening experience. In fact, if you don’t know at least the basics of what is to be done, it can drive you crazy. Taking into account how many papers you are to submit during the years spent at school, college or university, it is better to learn to do it from the very beginning – and it’s better to learn to do it fast and well.

Academic writing skills are probably not what you need in real life, but it is definitely what you will need to get a diploma, and if you are not much of a writer, there are still some ground rules of the game you can learn.

Here we provided a few simple academic writing tips that will help you handle writing assignments. Let them serve a point of departure for you in the process of mastering the art of weaving the words.

Steps to go through

1. Choose the topic of your essay. If it was set for you – alright, if not – don’t be afraid to spend some time choosing as it will pay back later. Mind you, write about something that you will find plenty of information about.


2. Write a thesis, i.e. a general statement you want to prove with your essay. It is usually found in the introduction of the paper. However, you can allow some experimenting. Make is strong and arguable as there is no need to prove self-evidenced things.

3. Make an outline of your paper (or shall we call it a scheme?) listing the main points you want to cover with you essay.

4. Time to write the first draft! Make sure you follow the structure required for a certain type of paper and just let yourself go – you will edit later.

5. Write the second draft by cutting all parts of minor importance from the first one. Are there any logic flaws? Any additional research needed? If yes – fix it, if no – get down to proofreading.


6. Put your essay aside for a couple of days or ask someone to look it though for you. Sometimes you miss obvious mistakes.

A few useful pieces of advice

Choose something exciting to write about – good academic writing skills are acquired with time, and you don’t want to spend this time buried in books and fed up with what you are writing about.

Always start early as it will give you time to reconsider you topic, do some additional research, put your paper aside and even start fresh.

Download some academic essay examples, preferably similar to the one you are about to write, to get at least a general idea.

Treat it like some kind of fun. It is your attitude that matters and even the most boring assignment can be pretty satisfying if approached with humor.

Good luck! Thousands of students write essays every day and get their ‘A’s. If they can do it, why can’t you?