Reviewing MacKeeper Software Bundle

In this review we are going to discuss MacKeeper, an all-in-one software bundle for Mac that can perform various tasks, such as cleaning or optimization, and also connect the users to real human experts that assist with different technical issues.

One thing that can confuse the new MacKeeper users is the fact that this software has lots of negative feedback in different Mac communities, but this phenomenon is clearly explained MacKeeper Legit? – You Should Know the Truth.

MacKeeper has a built-in online chat feature through which you can communicate with Apple Certified Professionals who can check your system for issues and help you to deal with any detected problems. You can also leave a message to a “Geek on Demand” who will answer your question within 2 days.

MacKeeper also offers several ways of freeing up your Mac’s hard drive:

  1. Remove useless (junk) files, such as temporary files, caches, logs, etc., that are resulting from various activities on your computer.
  2. Uninstall apps that you no longer use, not by dragging them to the Trash, but actually by removing all of the app components.
  3. Remove large files that you no longer use.
  4. Free up your Mac’s Random Access Memory (RAM).
  5. Delete unnecessary copies of your files, leaving only the original files.

But the functionality of MacKeeper is not limited only by human assistance or cleaning. It can also protect your Mac both physically and online with the help of the following features:

  1. Anti-Theft+Track My Mac on the AppStore – track the whereabouts of your Mac from your iPhone, perform a remote screen locking, make a snapshot of the intruder, and help the police to bring your lost Mac back home.
  2. Antivirus + Safe Browsing – detect viruses, malware, spyware, adware on your Mac and prevent these unsafe files from getting into your Mac. You can also schedule regular background virus scans for your Mac.

MacKeeper also has its own Analytical and Security Research Center that is led by an independent security researcher Chris Vickery, whose job is to discover data vulnerabilities and leakages, thus drawing the attention of people to security issues.

What else can MacKeeper do? Actually, it can do lots of stuff. For example, it can improve the performance of apps on your Mac by constantly tracking the availability of newer app versions. It marks the outdated apps with red and enables you to update them with just several clicks. Besides, you can blacklist the apps for which you do not want to install the updates, and add the frequently used apps to the favorites list. Moreover, you can decide which app will open each file extension with the help of the Default Apps feature, and you can define which apps will be launched when your system is launched.

You can also avoid data losses by creating file and folder backups with MacKeeper. It is possible to set up the scheduled automatic backups in the background. However, if you lose your data, you can recover it with the Files Recovery feature. This tool can restore all file types, including the NTFS files, piece by piece.

MacKeeper also respects the privacy of its users, allowing them to hide and encrypt files that they do not want to be seen or discovered by other people. In addition, it offers the Shredder functionality. Just like a shredder for paper, it completely eliminates files, leaving no trace and making them impossible to restore even with Files Recovery.

To summarize, MacKeeper is definitely worth trying as it combines lots of useful features in a single application.