Practice Essay Writing Is What You Need To Get Best Grades

“The more you practice, the more you can, the more you want to, the more you enjoy it, the less it tires you.” It is a famous and useful quote written by Robert A. Heinlein.Practice- is a universal notion, suitable for any field of activity. Have you ever heard about famous writers or film directors, who gained their popularity from the first touch?. Possibly, some of them being born with a natural talent, but without polishing techniques and crafting skills, miracle is not going to happen.Miracles happen to those who practice.!

Your target might not be to become an incomparable essay-writing master. Perhaps you just want to get a decent grade in your English course, or, pass an exam successfully, but having skill to explain and analyze your thoughts in a right way will always be a benefit for you. All you have to do is to start practicing.You need to develop a habit to practice your skills and evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer.images (1)

Ask For Practice Essay Questions To Improve Your Writing Skills

Good writing skills are essential for success in examinations like IELTS and TOEFL. Here are a few advice to improve your essay writing skills.

  • Write as many essays as possible
  • Read magazines, newspapers and different articles to improve general knowledge to have space for writing a good essay. The main purpose of writing a successful essay is to do researches and to read a lot of information.
  • Present your ideas logically and clearly, and use language precisely (follow the conventions of standard written English).
  •  Know your weaknesses by recollecting your past mistakes, by improving parts of speech you were poor at.You may also select one writing concept you are not good at, take twenty minutes to revise the rules for that concept and do a few short tests or practice exercises.
  • Focus on essay structure.There are different ways of structuring different types of essays. For example, if you’ll be required to write a five-paragraph essay, which consists of an introductory paragraph supported by thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. For a persuasive essay, you need to mention about fundamental building blocks and so on. It’s not so difficult as you thought.
  • And the last one tip-start writing well-timed essays.No one enjoys working on time, except you. For the majority of people, it’s hard to throw away everything that bothers you, going into a quiet room and set an alarm clock to practice essay writing. But it will help you to create a perfect vision of how to capture the experience of taking an actual essay exam and how to be more confident and concentrated.