How to write good essay


You can have a good or even a satisfactory score, but you can still go to Harvard. Not the best score on the TOEFL and GMAT may lead you into Stanford. This happens often. It’s all due to the excellent essay that shows your goals and ambitions and disclose your talent and potential. Normally, when you receive you need to write one or two essays.

As the staff of selection committee of “Ivy League” says, an essay is the most memorable part of all the documents that you provide for admission. Through essays foster Committee tries to see you as a person, who you really look like. Thousands of students have the same points for exams, assessment and the essay identifies you and reveal your identity. In addition, the essay shows that you know how to present yourself, analyze information, communicate with others in writing. Employees of the selection committee, when they read the essay not only learn information about you and judge you on grammatical structures and use the language units, but also pay attention to what you say and what the ideas presented in your essay. Essay must be written personally without essay writing service.

The most common questions for essay
Questions may be different from the “Tell us about yourself” or “What is your favorite book.” We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for an essay:
• Tell us about your most important achievement.
• How do you spend time after school? Describe two kinds of activities and their importance.
• Describe the person who influenced you and how.
• If you could improve one skill or talent, what would it be and why?
• Which course, a person, project or book affect you? How?
• Describe your plans for the future
• Which course would you like to go and how it could help you in the future?
• Based on my experience and the experience of your family, what would you like to tell us about yourself?
• Describe a difficult situation through which you have passed?
• Which are your leadership skills?
• What additional information would you like to tell about yourself?

If you are filing the documents in 10 universities, this does not mean that you have to write 10 different essays. There is a technique, which is called recycling. It lies in the fact that you just change the part of your work, depending on the question that is put in front of you.
Five Steps to write a first class essay:
1) The collection of topics for essay.
2) Bring to perfection the list of topics.

It happens that all write about the same. Your task – to stand. Your essay must be original and different from the other. Make sure that you write a touch on original themes (usually write about travel, parents, sports). You need to demonstrate a unique approach to the theme. Your idea should be supported by good examples or stories. Experts of selection committee should review your essay, so it will be good if you have no idea of the surface and you can think about some things.
3) Answer questions, listening to yourself. Be yourself. Do not think that the staff would like to see a selection committee. Select the topics that you can open and relevant to you. Express their ideas and share their experiences.
4) Check and re-write. Check the essay several times; ask for help to friends and relatives. You can write your chosen university students and ask them to help, to offer ideas or corrections to your essay.
5) We would essay to perfection. To see once again that there are no mistakes in essay and typos have good technique – read the essay from the end. When you read to the end you do not concentrate on the mistakes, and your focus is on speech and writing. Check any words in the spelling that you do not believe in the dictionary.

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