How to Write College Papers: A Guide to College Writing

Every college student knows that writing is one of the most challenging assignments during the educational process. Some make very smooth transitions from high school to college writing, but others are frustrated by their papers at college classes.

Only a few months earlier your writing skills was successful, but now you disappoint your professor by the discrepancy between your style and college standards.

But don’t be afraid, you haven’t changed – your writing is still accurate and smart. That’s all because the demands are much higher than at school and assignments are cardinally differed, so you need to redirect your writing skills to a new task. For example, you may be asked to analyze the reading, to make a claim about it, and, furthermore, to support your claim with good arguments and organized all this on four or five pages.

It may seem simple at first glance, but college writing requires an investigation of some depth and asks you to demonstrate that you have done something extra on your own. If you realize that you can’t pass this task, there are various different custom writing services that are ready to come to your aid and produce college papers written for you.

5 Different Types of College Papers

There are several different types of paper that students face in college. Each professor has different requirements and specific counts of words and pages. That’s why it’s so crucial to read assignment guidelines carefully or research some articles about writing college papers for dummies. Here are we present you some most popular kinds of college papers:

  • Narrative Writing

Narrative tells a story, so it has a beginning, middle and the end. Whether the narrative is truth or fiction, the instructors have several criteria to grade it. Usually, they pay attention to the plot development, descriptive details, characterization, and dialogs.

  • Cause and Effect Essay

This type of paper tells about the cause and the result of particular issue or situation. To create a successful one, try to research all possible outcomes and be sure that you logically support all theses with facts on how particular cause led to a certain effect.

  • Research Paper

To write this type in the best way, students have to choose a topic, research it carefully and formulate an own opinion. Research papers require students to narrow the focus to a particular part of a subject, so it’s helpful to write a list of elements to include and create an outline before writing.

  • Argumentative Essays

The argumentative paper asks to select one side on an issue and argue the dignities of that side of the controversy. This kind of writing allows more freedom to explain information, but the author has to be sure that he built the interpretation efficiently and correctly.

  • Compare and Contrast Paper

This kind of essay describes the differences and similarities between several things. The structure of compare and contrast paper is quite simple, for example, you can alternate differences and similarities between paragraphs.