How Do You Write Rhetorical Essays?

How do I writea rhetorical essay? Well, it is an interesting question. I would say that I used to have some struggle with this particular essay type, but, thanks to some useful ideas my English teacher provided me with, now I can tell that I am perfectly capable of writing it in one day time. If you want to increase your writing skills in this area, please look at the information below. Hopefully, you will find it as useful as I did, and use it to become an even better student eventually.

So, in order to be able to write a rhetorical essay, we need to understand what rhetoric is. According to the general view, rhetoric is how a writer or a speaker persuades his or her audience using specific techniques. Unlike a standard essay that focuses on analyzing a subject or idea, rhetorical essay examines the choices the writer makes, the strategies he uses, and the effect they have on a reader or audience. Your task is to analyze the interaction between the speaker and the audience.

The big questions of your rhetorical essay are: what language choices did the writer or a speaker make? What language devices has he used? How did he communicate his ideas? In order to answer those questions, you will need to do an analysis of rhetorical devices, also known as literary devices or literary strategies. At first, let’s clarify what those devices are. So, rhetorical devices are the tools and tricks that writers use to persuade their audience to agree with their argument, for example, metaphors, hyperboles, similes and so on. You need to find them in the text, underline and explain their meaning. Why did the author use them? Every literary device in the text you are analyzing is there for a reason. Make sure you find it!

As you already know, the main thing that distinguishes the rhetorical analysis from all the others is that you need to analyze not what the author has written, but how he has written it. That is why you need to avoid writing about author’s opinion or the arguments he provided in his work. Remember that a summary of the text is not an analysis! Make sure you understand the difference.

You should consider a rhetorical essay to be an English test that your professor wants you to take. In the end, he needs to evaluate your ability to use and analyze the language, and you have to prove that you can write at college level. So do not be lazy, take time for your essay and impress you professor!